12 July 2011

mini cupcake wedding cake

When my bride & groom having their ceremony at Beaver Creek and their reception at Vista at Arrowhead requested a double stacked cupcake wedding cake topper, I thought it was going to be a piece of cake.  Pun intended!  I just kind of winged it, but I'm pretty proud of how it came out!  I used 3 different sized cupcakes instead of 2 for more of a wow factor - mini, classic & texas size.  See the frosting process...

naked cakes, tops sliced off, glued together with frosting

outside layer piping resembles tiramisu

smooth around the outside

pipe thick ropes on flat surfaces

blend ropes into surfaces

added decor to cover up imperfections and cake edges

adding more detail to highest flat layer

adding detail to top of cake


top of cupcake tier at Vista
the artistic view
their cupcake selection was birthday cake, red velvet & peanut butter truffle
fit for a bride!

the artist's cupcake

naked cupcakes, classic size & mini size

the fastest way to make a rainbow

a few of each color

classic size painter's cupcakes

mini size painter's cupcakes

looks like a colorful bunch just sitting in boxes

arrange in the artist's palette

so artistic, pun intended

vincent van gogh would be proud

time consuming order, but worth the effort

pink cake pops

I guess the cake pops must be delicious because I had my first birthday party order - for pink cake pops - 3rd birthday luau theme at the pool!  She loooooves pink, so the cake pops had to be pink on the inside and on the outside.  Since I haven't received my special candy coating coloring agent, I was going to have to figure out a better way to turn the outside of the cake pop pinkalicious.  I decided on pink sugar crystals because what better way to incorporate pink than sparkly pink!

First, I made a cake.  Half vanilla cake with red food coloring and half red velvet cake.  I then made cream cheese frosting, and added red food coloring for a light pink hue.  

half and half cake

cream cheese frosting turns pink

After the prep work, I got to work...

get the cake out of the pan

smash the cake

add frosting to the cake

fold the frosting into the cake

add more frosting because cake needs to be fully coated

now you're ready to place in fridge so you can roll into golf ball sized cake balls    

after rolling into balls, putting sticks in, dipping in white chocolate and coating in pink sugar crystals

pink fun for any age!

For the set up I followed the beach theme:  the mom brought luau skirts to place around the styrofoam blocks which we had to cut to fit all the way around.  She also brought flip flop shaped jelly candies for added flair.  Since I was aware of this, I brought sparkly pink writing gel so that the gummies had something to stick to so the flip flops wouldn't fall off of the top of the pop.  And for added effect, I brought pureed graham crackers for "sand" so that those mountain kiddos would really feel like they were at the beach.  Mahalo!

Party Time!

cake pops, round 3

The cake balls have to be super duper cold for the stick to get stuck in the cake ball.  Once the cake balls start to thaw out to room temperature, the chocolate starts to turn red from the red velvet cake flaking off into the bowl and the stick doesn't want any business being stuck inside the cake ball.  You have to return the cake balls to the fridge for at least 10 minutes to get the cake balls back to a good temperature.
I really love the sprinkles I just got from Dan the Shamrock Man.